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Topic subjectRE: i spit.
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Posted by Nettrice, Sun May-11-03 12:21 PM
>on the sidewalk. out the window. etc. mostly because of the
>inordinate amounts of poisons that build up in me need to be
>expelled and not reconsumed in my lower respiratory system
>resulting in a lung infection.

The spit I am talking about is on benches where people sit and other places that come in contact with skin (or spewed/sprayed into the air). I guess my personal revulsion comes from the fact that I got spinal TB back in college and it almost took me out of the game for good. I was traveling via public transportation in the urban areas and being exposed to all kinds of illness. Now I carry hand sanitizers and purify my air whenever I can...that's the reason for my earlier reply on the topic. Anyhoo...

...for the nine months I was on the TB medicine I lived on the top floor of a community art center on the southside of Chicago. I taught art to young folks 2-3 times per week while I went to grad school. I never stopped my community work but I was seriously ill. It was all about love and purpose. One of the things that I remember was how safe I felt living in that center with the gangs and craziness outside. People looked after me and I helped them. I barely thought about the pain of my TB.