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Topic subjecti spit.
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4849, i spit.
Posted by urthanheaven, Sun May-11-03 11:01 AM
on the sidewalk. out the window. etc. mostly because of the inordinate amounts of poisons that build up in me need to be expelled and not reconsumed in my lower respiratory system resulting in a lung infection. it became way too much of a hastle and ultimately wastefull to use tissues. nasty to carry a hankerchief. etc. so black as i am i spit. i do understand that it is offensive but that doesn't bother me as much asthma and harsh lungs from dealing with the everlasting polution of babylon. if i lived in the sticks i would spit in the grass.

i am working on my health constantly. as for my dietary practices i am a lacto ovo pescatarian. i eat fish and of the sea but dont deal with any harsher meats or eggs....

all this is besides the point.

i like the tone of this discussion. the micro vs the macrocosmic love of self and thus black people and ultimately self again through a deep love and understanding of where we stand based off of the journey of our ancestors. we all face the future from a wide and diverse past. go back far enough to the vanishing point and we're all life from africa. go ahead far enough and we all arrive at the same conclusion. go back/forward even farther and you strike infinity. the everlasting horizon.

to love yourself comletely you have to love your parents your ancestors black people humans life existance and then everything the all the ultimate. god.

dealing with the divisions and the complexities that can arise out of this equation is a mission, but i believe it is a mission worth while.

i'm black. i spit therefore i am....