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Posted by Nettrice, Sun May-11-03 12:34 PM
>... non-judgemental, though
>unwavering in commitment to correct principle, selfless and
>infectious love.

Love is really about non-judgement and not caring about the outcome. It's the path, the process of healing and helping that counts. It's not always easy, either.

>How would you like to
>shape what you have the power to shape?

I have a supervisor who feel threatened by me because I am ascending with or without his support and I am a woman. He is a Black man with a huge ego. I love him anyway. He tried to stress me by telling me the multimedia center I built was in trouble and I needed to bring in additional $$$ to sustain it despite the fact that it is the only department that makes additional money from grants, in addition to other revenue.

From the jump, I let it be known that this center was my contribution to this pre-dominantly Black community and a highlight for the organization that hired me. In turn, this same org and the staff should have supported the center but they did not. It seemed as if I had to fight just to keep the center open but time after time the grants kept rolling in. Also, people began to take notice. Turns out is wasn't the center I was sustaining but it was my vision. My vision is what I shaped and found support for.

Exactly, one week after my supervisor's mandate I got a call from AOL/Time Warner Foundation inviting my own youth program to apply for a special grant for up to $100K. AOL/TW heard about me from others across the country and wanted to give props to my program. What a great feeling! Also, a digital artist in Italy wants to start this program. My vision, heart and soul is what I use to start these programs and find resources to support/sustain my projects. I am already where I need to be and my intention is to continue to forge new ground and shape things as I go along.