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Topic subjectThank you...
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4847, Thank you...
Posted by Chike, Sun May-11-03 08:11 AM
for an exceedingly beautiful reply. It blessed this thread.

>Every opportunity I get I tell people why I don't spit or
>pollute the streets. It's the same reason I don't pollute
>my body. Some Black people ask me why I even bother but I'd
>like to think for some that my type of love is inspiring and
>helps them to rediscover that love in themselves.

This is the attitude, y'all... non-judgemental, though unwavering in commitment to correct principle, selfless and infectious love. May God bless us each in our striving to cultivate this.

It's not airy-fairy to feel like you can change the world. Because the truth of the matter is, you are always having effects on pieces of the world, whether family, friends, or acquaintances... now that you realize you do it all the time, think about how changing the world must come with a certain level of responsibility. How would you like to shape what you have the power to shape?