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Topic subjectseems like activated universalism to me:
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4835, seems like activated universalism to me:
Posted by Utamaroho, Sat May-10-03 09:20 AM
"it is the ideal manner in which one may develop ideas that can change ALL the people's situation."

-being that ALL people are not alike and that some sort of homogeny of people would have to be in play, i don't see where this is realistic... i don't even see where it's ever happened in the past? it's usually SMALL groups of like minded individuals that SPARK change/revolution... not a group of people who try to attain some "universal" results. even if this is with respect to ONLY black people, i must again warn of the MULTITUDE off ideologies that "we" hold and that to think that what one person/group/ideology can or WILL work or work better for ALL people is not in accordance with history or its reality.

i say this to point out the fact that MOST people like to find like minded individuals for a REASON. if nothing more than to save time in ones' actions to get quicker or greater results. this discernement of WHO you want to work with, and for what purpose takes very REAL criticism of the people in and around you. it's the very reason why you don't ally with people who are AGAINST you or your ideals. it has nothing to do with skin color, otherwise if what YOU and your squad is doing is RIGHT and VALUABLE, then others of your similar color would be doing it to, right? obviously there is something that steered them away from that "rightness" or blinded it to them in the first place. the thing is...that might happen to be the very "thing" that defines them, that they hold dearly to, that they LIVE for. so for example...trying to ally against chritian oppression on the continent with christians who will be hesistant to "go the distance" against their own, is futile. likewise... one would not ally with someone whose profits and goals are aligned with a purely capitalistic lifestyle if socialistic goals are you aim. if a person holds close to them the things you're trying to destroy or free others from, their skin color makes little difference...and a more intense mode of thinking and critiquing must come into play. as sad before, this takes patience and time, and in this (western american culture) people are MUCH too lazy (and maybe a bit stupid) to put in the effort to effectively SEE the benefits of such advanced critiquing.

READ "Negroes" by Mwalimu Baruti.

i see what you mean by elitism, but that only holds true if you look DOWN on others. from what i can tell you of military warfare...one should RESPECT your opponent and see them as worthy adversaries...not as something to look down upon, black skin or white.