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Posted by Chike, Thu May-08-03 03:40 PM
>a question: since love of "black people" seems to be
>signified by skin color...at what shade would someone not
>"deserve" our "unconditional love of our people"? at what
>step of complexion does someone fall "out of range" for our

It's not meant to be understood as based on skin colour. It's meant to be based on African heritage. Black people a.k.a. people of African descent. Heck, I'm light-skinned.

>i can see how instituting the Ture saying can help us
>"unite" in a sense...and this is a good thing. i must also
>though point out the fact of widespread immersion into a
>culture and way of life "not our own" in this modern time.
>an immersion that, too FREE ourselves from, will come about
>through insightful and intense analysis of what "WORKS" and
>what "DOESN'T". allying with someone simply on the basis of
>skin color is elementary to me. allying with others ACTIVELY
>LIVING AND DOING what it is you're moving towards is far
>more important.

The allying you speak of might be taken to mean one should keep one's circle smaller than "black people" (ideological ties within African-centered or otherwise politicized perspectives) or larger than "black people" (intercultural struggle to free all oppressed). I think you meant the former. Either way, both can be of value and amenable to love 4 the people. But both can also be dangerous and harmful to a self-generative and empowering love 4 the people. I'll explain:

Smaller circle: You talk about a "widespread immersion" we must free ourselves from. Such freedom comes largely through educational strategies. To strategize and implement ways to raise the level of consciousness among African peoples obviously means privileging collaboration with Africans that share your like mind as far as where our consciousness should be. Allying with others actively "living and doing" what you wish we all were can be understood as part of manifesting love 4 the people -it is the ideal manner in which one may develop ideas that can change ALL the people's situation.

Danger of smaller circle: Elitism. Looking down on Africans whose mind isn't at where yours is would be in my estimation self-hate, negating all your affirmation of pride in an African identity. In these modern times, we are in a continuing battle to forge a new identity, as our identity has been since the Maafa and colonialism a confused one rocked by the power of another's hateful ideology and practice (a practice that has perpetuated our suffering). If you think about black heroes, from the least to the most Pan-African or Afrocentric in thought, many have elements of their thought which can still be analyzed as manifestations of white supremacist ideology. It's a disease, man. We're all still growing.

Larger circle: If you see the value of black people fighting their oppression but don't give a damn about anyone else, that's a manifestation of white supremacy because you've learned to value yourself but have acquiesced to the dominant viewpoint as regards the suffering of others. If you don't see the value of strategic alliance with non-black people, then you're avoiding ways to further your progress.

Danger of larger circle: It's necessary to care about human beings of all types. But we can't afford to be caring about others more than we care about ourselves - which is why you gotta reserve that special love 4 the black folk. May our success in the fight for mental, economic, political and other types of freedom be that image of the mind that most brings a wishful tear to your eye.