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4831, i read it.
Posted by Utamaroho, Thu May-08-03 08:18 AM

a question: since love of "black people" seem sto be signified by skin color...at what shade would someone not "deserve" our "unconditional love of our people"? at what step of complexion does someone fall "out of range" for our love?

i ask this because aside from "image" and "visual" discernment, there are MANY factors...often the "cultural" and "behavioral" kind that dictate how we respond/react to people. color just seems like an easy way of avoiding the work of having to "critique" something else. work that often requires patience and wisdom.

i can see how instituting the Ture saying can help us "unite" in a sense...and this is a good thing. i must also though point out the fact of widespread immersion into a culture and way of life "not our own" in this modern time. an immersion that, too FREE ourselves from, will come about through insightful and intense analysis of what "WORKS" and what "DOESN'T". allying with someone simply on the basis of skin color is elementary to me. allying with others ACTIVELY LIVING AND DOING what it is you're moving towards is far more important.

...or maybe it's just that i see too many that are lost and unsalvagable.