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Topic subjecti've read this three times already
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4819, i've read this three times already
Posted by Max, Mon May-05-03 03:47 AM
i use it to keep me from getting too demoralized. i had to repurchase it again last week cuz i'm feeling it again.

i'm starting it again tonight.

however, it is one of those books that i have begun to believe that most of the people who read it do not get. i can't state it clearly now, but i often look sideways at people who've said they've read it.

i saw the author speak once & it was bizarre. he is against most hierarchies, especially those regarding age. he said so repeatedly, but the people hosting the event kept calling him elder & talking about baba this & baba that. it was sick.

this book, that man is hardcore. he has started a publishing house in senegal. it is run primarily by solar energy because it is difficult to maintain a current where he lives. it also serves as a community resource center. i don't know how well developed it is now. but i'll research how we can support it.

if you can't find the book then order it. he has had problems with his previous publisher ( the little orange book) & wouldn't even sign copies of it at his engagement. the newest edition is being published by his own company.