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Topic subjectSome Suggestions
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4815, Some Suggestions
Posted by Flem, Mon May-05-03 03:08 AM
The West and The Rest of Us- Chinweizu
The Decolonization of The African Mind- Chinweizu
The Falsification of Afrikan Consciousness- Amos Wilson
Black Spark, White Fire- Richard Poe
Blueprint For Black Power- Amos Wilson
Notes For An African World Revolution- John Henrik Clarke
Who Betrayed The African World Revolution?- John Henrik Clarke
The Sex Imperative- Mwalimu Baruti
Excuses, Excuses- Mwalimu Baruti
Negroes and Other Essays- Mwalimu Baruti
The Sankofa Movement- Kwame Akoto http://www.geocities.com/afrikandieli/Akoto.html
Nationbuilding-Kwame Akoto
Afrikans and European Holidays(Books I& II) - Ishakamusa Barashango
The Peculiar Institution- Kenneth Stammp
Let The Circle Be Unbroken- Marimba Ani*

* Still Looking for that one

These should be links to Yurugu


Two Thousand Seasons & More