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Topic subjectRE: Why Affirmative Action?
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4727, RE: Why Affirmative Action?
Posted by final_prospect, Wed Jun-25-03 10:54 PM
in a few posts about a cat made a statement that i feel should be restated in that AA is a passive response to the problem. Catching cats when they hit college when we need to start in early childhood.

And this recent supreme court ruiling to uphoald certain parts of AA will not only affect admission standards. This shyt will fly for employment, etc.

I truly feel that the problem of racial equality will improve with each generation. I'm 20. Most people I've come into contact with around my age (give and take 5 years) do not see my black skin as a negative thing. We have a whole generation of white cats loving the hip hop culture. And alot of them aren't on some "thievry of black culture" tip. The shyt is genuine.

With that being said, do i believe there will still be a need for affirmative action 10 years into the future? yes. Because the issue of color runs deeper than some cats diggin black culture. And black people and people of color carry the stigma of mental aspects of color.

the cat a few posts up talking about intergration..and i understand that...the history of africa and the affects of amalganation and intergration. It's true that when you deal with color it adds a new level of complexity but at the same time the solution to the stigma isn't seperation..the problem will still exist. It's important to have our own but we can have our own and support our own and still effectively live with whites. One thing i agree with fully is that the american culture and mentality and system is destructive. I took a look at the ancient african consitution and i was thinking " this is the reality that the american constitution dreamt of when they based it on the african constitution.