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4726, RE: In college admissions...
Posted by FoundationIV, Thu Jun-26-03 02:36 AM
>there's really no excuse. Most of the programs are
>implemented by the schools themselves, not the state or a
>higher authority, so logical reasoning would dictate that
>the school system can't be THAT racist to begin with.

Well, you have to look at all of the programs implimented. Originally, they were created to entice white kids to go to college. They were also created to lure parents who wanted the "best education" for their kids. Also taking into account that blacks were at one time unable to attend college, PERIOD. Programs that reward applicants for living in a certain part of a city, for having an alumni in your family, and so on, could ONLY benefit white students from the beginning. Those same programs are in place today and they STILL benefit ONLY white students 98% of the time. We still have defacto segregation and our parents and their parents had an even more remote chance at higher education.

>But if they are finding that the registrar offices are
>discriminating, why don't they simply find out who or what
>is messing up, instead of simply half-stepping the problem?
>Therefore claiming this will end the evils is farfetched.

It won't end the evils because the educational system is rotten from the core - outward. You can't have kids who can barely read and have been attending lower class school systems trying to attend colleges and be successful. Not to mention the fact that most college campus' and their student body are unkind, judgemental and present an adverse culture to most African Americans. Privilege, like everything, gives with one hand & takes away with another....and another...and another.

>Simply, I think folks are so hell-bent on keeping this
>program alive is just to get a one-up on whitey. It's more
>symbolic than substance.

You could be right. The laws and regulations are governed by those who don't need it. It doesn't impact their lives so their is naturally a level of complacency.

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