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Topic subjectRE: Why Affirmative Action?
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4722, RE: Why Affirmative Action?
Posted by Ulysses S Grant, Wed Jun-25-03 05:08 PM
>I wonder. What do ya'll think?

I think, if a private institution should wish to practice "Affirmative Action", they should be barred doing so by no laws whatsoever. If I personally ran a University - and I know that the majority of posters here pray every night that someday I might - I wouldn't advocate that policy. What offends me is that this is another step over the line for the FEDERAL government, and like the Patriot Act and the government indoctrination centers we call "public schools" - which lull our childrens intellects to sleep so they do not really QUESTION these fucking things - our bloated, corrupt and evil Federal Government is overstepping the bounds set for them by the Constitution. It is illegal, frankly. The idea of anyone who claims to mistrust the federal government (as so many on this board do) turning around and blindly allowing the gov't legal sway over SCHOOLING is as absurd as it is obscene.