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Topic subjectRE: Why Affirmative Action?
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4713, RE: Why Affirmative Action?
Posted by HoChiGrimm, Thu Jun-26-03 02:50 AM
>But you admit it was to blame for SOME of this?

As I stated in a preceeding post,
I think LBJ and Nixon were willing
to support AA programs in order to
supress Black insurgency.

I also believe that the leadership
within the Movement may have become
complacent once certain gains were

I'm very reluctent to blame AA policies
for the demise of the Civil Rights Move-
ment because I think there were other
factors involved. I believe those factors
should be discussed in another post, so
as to not stray from the current subject

>The vast majority of
>white America believes the race problem is over because the
>gov't is intervening (while welfare goes straight to hell,
>and average salaries are exactly the same ratios), but all
>hell is going to break loose when it stops. If the CRM had
>continued moving at the rate it was moving, I honestly
>believe we'd have made a lot more progress. Instead, in the
>next 10 years, there's going to be a regression--a
>Republican regression, and a shitload of violence.