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Topic subjectRE: Why Affirmative Action?
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4711, RE: Why Affirmative Action?
Posted by HoChiGrimm, Wed Jun-25-03 05:14 PM
>No... THIS IS A LIE. LBJ introduced AA in 1965... let's get
>this straight.

Actually, President John F. Kennedy's
Executive Order (E.O.) 10925 used
affirmative action for the first time by
instructing federal contractors to take
"affirmative action to ensure that app-
licants are treated equally without re-
gard to race, color, religion, sex, or
national origin." Created the Committee
on Equal Employment Opportunity.

It was in 1965 that President Lyndon B.
Johnson issued E.O. 11246, requiring all
government contractors and subcontractors
to take affirmative action to expand job opp-
ortunities for minorities. Established Office
of Federal Contract Compliance (OFCC) in
the Department of Labor to administer the

>It is a reaction to the Black struggle,
>but its means was to suppress the ongoing Civil Rights
>Movement, which it did.

I don't think there is doubt in anyone's mind
that LBJ, Nixon or any other U.S. president
wanted to suppress the Civil Rights Movement.
one thing is clear: without the pressure from
below AA would have never gotten off the ground.

>No more CRM. No more Malcolm X's or MLK's. No more massive,
>world changing protests. More wars. More money.

And AA is to blame for all of this. LOL!

>So a few
>(and a VERY select few) skilled minorities and women have
>high ranking jobs now.

And you really believe this?
Only a few, eh?

Nonwhites were unable to rely
on good-faith efforts by empl-
oyers until those efforts were
actually enforced by specific
"goals and timetables" that gave
preference to minority applicants
"who met basic qualifications but
might not have been hired or prom-
oted without affirmative action
mandates" (p.166).

AT&T provides an example of a com-
pany that refused to hire nonwhites
and women until forced to do so.
Steinberg explains: "In 1973 --
nine years since the passage of the
1964 Civil Rights Act -- AT&T was an
archetypal example of caste segregation
in the workplace. The company employed
351,000 persons in low-paying operator
or clerical positions, 95 percent of
whom were women. Of 234,000 higher-paid
craft workers, 95 percent were male and
only 6 percent were black."

Management was virtually devoid of Black
and female emplyees and even supervisory
personel in "female" departments were white.
In 1970, the FCC launched hearings into AT&T's
hiring practices. As a result, the company
agreed to change it's hiring practices and
"meet employment targets for women and minorities."

According to a Wharton School study, the
program got off to a slow start but by 1975,
97 percent of it's short-term targets had
been reached.

Studies have found that companies subject to
EEOC requirements have raised the level of
black employment far more than companies not
under EEOC scrutiny (Steinberg, 1995).

Listen, son, until the revolution
happens, people gotta eat and put
a roof over their heads, understand?

I have no doubt that LBJ and Nixon
supported AA programs because they
wanted to placate minorities. WE