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Topic subjectSo what are YOUR thoughts on the matter?
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4701, So what are YOUR thoughts on the matter?
Posted by FireBrand, Wed Jun-25-03 11:34 AM
specifically...how does AA speak to the problem of separate and not equal schooling? How does it speak directly to the ROOT problem of children not getting equal footing in education, nutrition, child care, and positive mentorship from individuals with a shared background?

Does it? When I look at AA it seems to only crack the door for those who MAKE it to the door in the first place (the intellectual/financial elite).

What about Jamal, Hector, Liev or Aiden? What about the kids from the "other side of the tracks" who won't get access to the books, quality of mentors/teachers, technology, or basic nutrition that Jack, Jill, and Solomon have?

What about minority colleges and universities (women's colleges such as Converse, etc...and Minority schools such as Clark-Atlanta, Morris Brown, etc)

They were CREATED to help close a social gap, but now it seems there is a brain drain from these communities. And much like internatinal brain drain- the migrants are'nt coming back except to live like kings.

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