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Topic subjectadding to "fear of change"
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4533, adding to "fear of change"
Posted by Nekaybaaw, Mon Jul-07-03 08:57 AM
....well i believe that most things are result
of fear. just plain ole regular fear.
fear and freedom
don't live in the same place.
fear of knowledge leads to fear of self and change
fear of God leads to fearing everything.

as youngins we are taught to fear God, parents etc....
"dont go outside
with no shoes on cuz you might get worms" FEAR FEAR FEAR....how many of us have heard something similiar.
well I tell you with all the conditioning of Fear
..Fear has us afraid of virtually every damn thing. and the
SAD part about it is we think this is the effective way of living. as youngins we are conditioned to do and not do
certain things out of fear. to this day they have become habit.

fear has a way of not letting us use our full brain potentials.

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