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4531, RE: My man boosts Freire...
Posted by Nettrice, Mon Jul-07-03 03:28 PM
I am not new to Freire but I am reading and understanding his writing differently. I'll never bow down to his stuff from the idol worship angle but I will reflect more on what freedom means as far as knowledge (Pedagogy of Freedom).

>There has to be an acknowledgement of
>alien viewpoints, if not lightweight embrace the paranoia
>and xenophobia has to be dispelled for it to work, I think.

There are different stages of concern as it relates to knowledge access, acquisition and use of knowledge: Awareness, informational, personal, mastery, impact, collaboration, reflection/refocusing.

A lot of people think that after mastery it's over but learning and mastering is lifelong. To truly know anything it has to be practical, the person has to see an impact on his or her sphere of influence. They must use it, experiment, have experience to see positive change in themselves and others. It's at this point that someone can exchange ideas, discuss difficulties, etc. Also, the person can explore more advances levels or applications of the knowledge...be able to move with the cheese or deal effectively with change.

>You've alluded to starting a
>separate organization. If you do, I hope you can curb all
>related egos.

For me it keeps coming back to vision, sustaining my vision because I created it out of love.