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Posted by Nettrice, Sat Jul-05-03 05:14 AM
"...we are not speaking here of that kind of truculent suffocation practiced by a despotic king on his subjects, by a feudal lord on his serfs, by a colonizer over those colonized, by the owner of a factory on the workers, or by an authoritarian state on its citizens. We are speaking of that invisible power of alienating domestication, which attains a degree of extraordinary efficiency in which I call the bureaucratizinf of the mind." - "Pedagogy of Freedom" by Paulo Freire

Real knowledge encourages lifelong learning, the capacity to constantly discover and engage in "the process of production generated by their own encounters with the world to avoid being simply a receptacle of what the teacher 'transfers' to them."

I recommend that ya'll read "Pedagogy of Freedom" by Paulo Freire even if you aren't a teacher because I think it explores what we call knowledge, what is an illusion and what is real.