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Topic subjectgenerational divide
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4527, generational divide
Posted by jvictoria, Sat Jul-05-03 11:38 AM
you touched on that a little bit, too, in talking about your dad.
my father is the same way, btw, and while i sometimes see his perspective as ignorance, i also see it as an overcompensation.

if you know the old system like the back of your hand and then, all of a sudden, later in your life, someone says to you "this is how it works now" i imagine it's very difficult to give up your old worldview -- the thing that you've built your life around for your whole life -- in order to grow.

growing is hard; complacency is easy. but being complacent and ignorant are not the same things. some people choose not to pay attention to knowledge but that doesn't make them ignorant of their options. it simply means that they're apathetic.

& who can judge/differentiate between apathy and ignorance?
it's like defining intelligence versus knowledge. there is a fine line.