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Topic subjectRE: Knowledge versus Ignorance
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4522, RE: Knowledge versus Ignorance
Posted by LK1, Sat Jul-05-03 02:38 AM
>Any ideas...?

As complacent as our country has become these days, I personally see the only sources for an open mind through literature and art (underground music as well, but nothing on the radio). The problem is, our country is brainwashed by television and American media sources.

It's really just proof that Americans are no different than, say, the vast majority of Nazi Germany (during WWII) as proof that propaganda flat out works. So many people want so desperately to believe that this is the land of the free that when they see it on Fox and read about it in a government controlled media outlet, it immediately becomes a pseudo-fact in their minds. I know a ton of people like this, and when I discuss politics with them, I can tell they know there are some serious wrongs happening, but having and speaking out on this knowledge messes up their whole creepy successful-businessman-with-moderately-attractive-wife-and-2.8-children-reality-TV-bullshit planned out lives. It is really QUITE depressing, but I've managed to change a few minds simply through handing someone a book and saying, "you gotta read this."

A great book on the insanity of entertainment is Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace--one of my very favorites.