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Topic subjectwe are easily distracted
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4519, we are easily distracted
Posted by Belief, Fri Jul-04-03 01:15 PM
as soon as there is a large grassroots movements towards progress, we get hit with some diversion - war, for example. So when people were asking about the economy, about Fortune 500 companies tanking with CEOs who knew they were tanking, about the sex scandal in the Catholic church, others began asking, 'well, what about this war? how will it affect us?' And while those are legitimate questions, we slow down our progress towards change and improvement because of the diversion. All it takes is a picture of a missing child to be splashed across our television screens, or a new mysterious disease that no one's ever heard of, and the next thing you know, the movement comes to a grinding halt...hell, we even fall a few paces!

We need to improve on focus, on committing to finishing what we begin.