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Posted by Nettrice, Mon Jul-07-03 01:51 PM
>That last sentence, i think, is part of what is keeping the
>black community from being more of a cohesive unit right
>now. But i'm still working through that assessment.

For me the problem is when leaders spend their time trying to fit some standard rather than be true to themselves, the original reason/vision that got them started in the first place. It's easy to forget the people and be more concerned about image or acceptance (assimilation).

>do you have people around you that you think are
>knowledgeable enough to lead you?

A few but most are looking to me for guidance or they want to work with me. Not too many "leaders" inspire me right now. Instead they piss me off.

>i know that probably
>sounds like it begs an arrogant answer; but it sounds like
>you have more energy suckers around you than role models or

Absolutely! The one thing I do think I have is a peer network and that helps keep me energized and sane.