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4513, yeah.
Posted by jvictoria, Sun Jul-06-03 06:55 PM

>Or they hide to keep people from knowing that they don't
>know the answers.

yeah, and when they hide, it's an empty kind of evidence that they don't know what the hell is going on.

>>naturally, it doesn't work like that. but the ego is a
>>powerful thing.
>I agree. I've been cautious not to become too ego-centric
>and I try to check myself often. I shy away from politics
>and promotions but seek to help lots of people from my
>corner. It's easy to become the judge and I am aware that I
>am in small company. I want to be for the people but
>sometimes leadership or clout takes you away from that.

That last sentence, i think, is part of what is keeping the black community from being more of a cohesive unit right now. But i'm still working through that assessment.

>Sometimes I spend too much time worrying about others
>instead of thinking of ways to move with the cheese. In my
>case cheese is a metaphor for my vision or sustaining my
>vision but I am not so focused that I miss that there are
>times when I need to listen and be led. So many people
>around me are campers who are desperate and looking to me
>for answers to help them maintain the status quo. I resent

do you have people around you that you think are knowledgeable enough to lead you? i know that probably sounds like it begs an arrogant answer; but it sounds like you have more energy suckers around you than role models or mentors.


May you be in love everyday for the next 20,000 days. And out of that love, remake a world. ~Ray Bradbury

There was an artist...who was disposed to strive after perfection...As he made no compromise with Time, Time kept out of his way and only sighed at a distance because he could not overcome him. ~Thoreau