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Topic subjectOr they hide in their plush offices
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4512, Or they hide in their plush offices
Posted by Nettrice, Sat Jul-05-03 01:51 PM
They delegate and vanish when the going gets rough.

>If they seem like they have questions, they fear people will
>not come to them for answers.

Or they hide to keep people from knowing that they don't know the answers.

>naturally, it doesn't work like that. but the ego is a
>powerful thing.

I agree. I've been cautious not to become too ego-centric and I try to check myself often. I shy away from politics and promotions but seek to help lots of people from my corner. It's easy to become the judge and I am aware that I am in small company. I want to be for the people but sometimes leadership or clout takes you away from that.

Sometimes I spend too much time worrying about others instead of thinking of ways to move with the cheese. In my case cheese is a metaphor for my vision or sustaining my vision but I am not so focused that I miss that there are times when I need to listen and be led. So many people around me are campers who are desperate and looking to me for answers to help them maintain the status quo. I resent that.