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4402, nice read
Posted by acidtabs, Sun Jul-20-03 09:09 PM
Get Rich Or Die Trying - 3.75/5
The Listening - 4/5

George Bush, you're lookin like Zoolander, tryin to play tough for the camera - MCA

Do you know who you are?
Do you know who you are fucking with?
Do you know, the access, to weapons, money and power
that we have? We will fucking kill you!

I'm the ugliest version of passed down toxic capitalist
rapid emcee perversion -- I'm America!
Your bleeding-heart liberal drivel gets squashed
Wash em with sterilized rhyme patriot-guided weaponry bomb
from the makers of the devious hearts -- I'm America!
You bitchy little dogs don't even phase my basic policy
The bomb's smarter, my Ronald Reagan's crush Carter
With Bay of Pig tactics makin young men into martyrs - El-P

The bottom line: Anyone who would brazenly steal an election and insert themselves into OUR White House with zero mandate from The People is, frankly sadly capable of anything. - Michael Moore

Homer Jay Simpson quotes:

- He lied to us though song. I HATE when people do that.
- Can't talk...eating.