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Topic subjectSeek and you shall find
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4401, Seek and you shall find
Posted by M2, Tue Jul-22-03 01:04 PM

A lot of Whites come from families that don't know how to manage money, I have friends who fit this discription, and the numbers of Whites with trust funds is quite small.

Additionally - companies like Schwabb and Fidelity have made Billions catering to the lower end of the economic scale, mostly working with middle class (and some lower middle class) families who are looking to invest their money.

Magazines like Kiplinger, Money Magazine, Worth, Barons (A newspaper), CNBC (TV Station) - are pumping out tons of net worth building information on the regular.

Fool.com has a successful web site that caters to beginning investors.

Walk into your local book store and you can find dozens of books on financial planning and investing.

www.cnnfn.com - Has a feature on an almost weekly basis called "Millionaires in the Making", it shows average people saving and managing their money to become millionaires when they retire.

The information is out there - and it doesn't take anything other than a desire to find and benefit from it. Blacks need to realize that they can build wealth on their own, that they can build wealth in general and to stop putting so much emphasis on consumerism.

All it takes is a change in our thinking - and then we can seek out the information, there is a large industry aimed at teaching people how to manage their money - E.g. Millions of Whites who don't know how to manage thier money seek out the information on how to do it and act accordingly.

All we have to do is seek and we shall find.