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4400, great post M2
Posted by CantCBob, Tue Jul-22-03 03:25 AM
and I'd like to add that if someone were to follow the plan set up by couple B and add to it some estate planning so that they could better transfer their wealth to their children, Couple B's children would be starting from a financial point significantly greater than the average person. you were talking about spending 5% less as a people. now just imagine if that 5% was invested with the sole purpose of passing it on to future generations. but why stop at 5%? its all about wealth building and estate planning. what I think is fucked up about our country is that it seems like white people are the only ones who know about that kind of shit. black people don't engage heavily in wealth building and estate planning out of some genetic deficiency or some bullshit like that, they're excluded for the most part because they don't have access to the resources that teach them how to do it. take a walk down any street in most cities in this country that have a large black community and ask them what a 401K is or as them what an irrevocable family trust is, you'll get a lot of blank stares. that's sad. its not because they're stupid or have a consumer mindset, its because nobody has taken the time to bring this knowledge to the black communities. fuck black own businesses right now, that's not what's gonna bring about economic equality. what needs to be done is more financial planning services for minorities. now obviously it won't be the most lucrative industry due to the relatively small amounts of money involved with lower class families, but it would be a very beneficial social service that say a charitiable organization could engage in. its just sad that there's so many white kids growing up in america that don't know what the fuck a trust is either, but the difference is that they still have one that their parents set one up for them when they were born. what needs to happen is more blacks need to be educated about the benefits of wealth building and then you will see more participation and eventually economic equality.

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