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Topic subjectRE: the trend of convergence.
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4392, RE: the trend of convergence.
Posted by Nettrice, Sun Jul-20-03 01:42 PM
>convergence changes the equation somewhat.

And the "digital divide" creates a challenge I am not sure many of us can overcome because the ante is continuously being upped. What the Internet, open spectrum technologies (wi-fi, broadband, etc.) offer is a way to produce and distribute digital content in ways that are affordable but you have to be digitally literate, able to know what to do with the access to the hardware, applications, connectivity, etc.

>but by and large people will still use traditional means to
>buy products. (otherwise the whole internet frenzy wouldn't
>have stopped. everyone would have been buying products that
>they would sell two hours later.)
>i hope this makes sense

Makes sense to me. ;)

I am so frustrated that people have not taken advantage of the "commons" made possible by convergence, emerging technologies, etc. because the opportunity is nearly gone.