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Topic subjectthe trend of convergence.
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4391, the trend of convergence.
Posted by obsidianchrysalis, Sun Jul-20-03 08:41 AM
convergence changes the equation somewhat. the model (investing capital in endeavors that will increase the value of the amount invested) is till the same, it's just that the means of distribution will change. in order to maximize the profit made from the transactions that will be made on-line (via internet or tv) the point of business (the company that handles the transactions will be even more important that the company that produces the product because with out the means to reach the market the product loses value) i guess it's a similar model to the record or movie industry in that the means of reaching the market are fixed and the ability to reach a given market is valued, not so much the product. (which is a topic for a different forum)

or put another way, revenue will be generated by the number of times that a product can be processed (bought and sold) more so than the product's value appreciating over time. but by and large people will still use traditional means to buy products. (otherwise the whole internet frenzy wouldn't have stopped. everyone would have been buying products that they would sell two hours later.)

i hope this makes sense