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Topic subjectRE: Which only enriches certain individuals
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4387, RE: Which only enriches certain individuals
Posted by Chris40, Mon Jul-21-03 04:13 AM
"Which only enriches certain individuals, Not Blacks as a whole.
I would suspect that a single digit % of Blacks owned viable businesses - spending with them doesn't help you, your family or the other 90% of us."

I do agree by black people supporting black owned businesses, it should look out for blacks as a whole. And most black owned businesses do dat!!!! Where I live, I buy gas, groceries, lunch from a black fam owned gas/convience store. I know when I and otha black people spend money wit this "sto," it keeps those black people at the store working. Also, I see this store owner hire other black owned businesses to cut the grass, clean the store, etc. Also, this owner let black people come own his property to sell things that the store don't sell.

The fact that 90% of our money goes to Whites, speaks more to the fact that 90% of our money goes to large corporations, whose stock holders are white.

"Blacks need to start saving and investing more - and it's rather irresponsible for these power economic folks to never touch on this."

True dat!!! I've read books and columns by Dr Claud Anderson, James Clingman and them in the article. And they mentioned that black people should save and invest more.