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Topic subjectWhich only enriches certain individuals
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4386, Which only enriches certain individuals
Posted by M2, Sun Jul-20-03 02:22 PM

Not Blacks as a whole.

I would suspect that a single digit % of Blacks owned viable businesses - spending with them doesn't help you, your family or the other 90% of us.

Furthermore, in the current economic context of the US 90% of the money we spend goes to a large corporation be it our mortgages, car notes, groceries, utilities, etc.

The fact that 90% of our money goes to Whites, speaks more to the fact that 90% of our money goes to large corporations, whose stock holders are white.

When you consider also that 90% of the money that WHITE PEOPLE spend goes to a large corporation, BUT that Whites Leverage their income better to generate wealth, and are more "tuned in" in terms of using those corporations to generate wealth - the answer is clear:

Blacks need to start saving and investing more - and it's rather irresponsible for these power economic folks to never touch on this.