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4384, not nearly on the same level
Posted by k_orr, Sun Jul-20-03 10:24 AM
There is a substantial black professional/middle class in Houston. The national stats are 2/3 of black folks are in the middle to upper class economically. And I'd argue that you could find that same stat in Houston.

And if you go to the hood there are a good # of black owned businesses. But as M2 would point out, not that he has, the type of businesses that we typically own (barbershops, salons, restaurants, churches (lol)), can enrich certain individuals and families, but not entire communities.

But where are the Black McDonald's (lol - I know the history of Mc'D's)
Where are the black Fords?
The black Yahoo's?
The black Enron's...I mean Exxon's?

I think if we're talking about building a major economic infrastructure within our own communities, we need to look @ industries that have sprung up since the voting rights act. IE things like petrochemicals, rail roads, automobile manufacturing, have high barriers to entry for all.

But companies that make intellectual products, software for instance..might be our next move.

k. orr