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Topic subjectAbandon Fantasy
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4377, Abandon Fantasy
Posted by M2, Sat Jul-19-03 10:25 PM

There is no such thing as an economically self sufficent community in the United States.

While some people like to fantasize that such a thing could exist so that people's of various ethnic groups could cut themselves off the majority, it just doesn't exist, nor is it possible.

Even if most of the people shopping there are Indian - unless 100% of those shoppers derive their income from businesses/jobs exist in that very community, it's not self sufficient and gets outside dollars and from the standpoint of those receiving the dollars - it makes no difference - a customer is a customer.

It time to stop talking about fantasies and theoretical "multipliers" that don't apply to our current economic dynamics and talk about real solutions.

Articles about budgets and investing will do more for building Black Wealth than the constant cry of "Buy Black".