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Topic subjectI guess you have to see it to understand
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4374, I guess you have to see it to understand
Posted by Belief, Sat Jul-19-03 01:52 PM
but they have a part of town that is nothing but sari shops, indian restaurants, indian food markets, jewelry shops, etc. they don't sell one American product in their shops; everything they sell comes from and caters to indian culture. they close their restaurants at certain times of the day to coincide with the times they would close them in india, around 1pm or 2pm. they open back up for dinner, but they keep their culture 'in tact' in that way. it's rare that I go into a sari shop and see any other person there that is not indian. not to say that people other than indian people don't shop there, but i'm in those shops frequently (more window shopping than anything) and I rarely see anyone enter the shops who is not indian.

it's based on what I see and what I've experienced being around their shops.