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Topic subjectWealth Building is Simple Math
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4370, Wealth Building is Simple Math
Posted by M2, Sat Jul-19-03 01:27 PM
>logic is that he sees wealth exclusively in conventional
>economic terms and ignores social engineering and how
>politics and government policy have been use to make some
>groups wealthy and other groups improvised. I don't have
>the all the solutions but I'm sure the solutions to Black
>folks predicament won't be answered in the orthodoxy of
>Forbes magazine or the wall Street journal.

While it is true that Politics and Social Engineering have caused some to be Wealthy and Some to be Poor - the solutions for building wealth are still the same, and don't change because of it.

Look at all the Black people who have incomes in excess of 50k - but have the wealth of Whites who make less than 25k, social-issues may be the root cause behind various financial missteps leading to that disparity. BUT - it doesn't change the fact that all one has to do, is change the way they manage their money and they can change the fact their total wealth is less than a poor White Families.

Black people spend too much money and don't save and invest enough, the solution to that problem is EXACTLY the same as it would be for a Blonde Haired, Blue Eyed White Family that spends too much.

A lot of our Problems (as Black People) are social, so we try to look at economic ones through the same Prism - thing is, they're just business/financial/economic problems that can be solved via the Orthodoxy of the Wall St. Journal.

Black Professionals, in terms of savings, financial stability and wealth - live like White Blue Collar People - regardless of the social issues that may have caused that situation - standard Wealth Building Practices can solve it.

In the end, it's just Mathematics.