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Topic subjectRE: this is a good article
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4365, RE: this is a good article
Posted by Revo1, Mon Aug-11-03 04:57 PM
This guy was on HBO's "On the Record" arguing about Hiphop with Damon Dash about a month ago. And, I do mean "arguing," literally. Damon looked like he was about to cuff ol' dude in the head after some of the stup1d sh1t he said. And, yes, this guy would just sit and watch some groupie kids acting just that: mad groupie. And, yes, like the advocate he is, he would save all his angst and frustration and take it out on all those bullies, who punked him at lunch and after school and called him "Gay" for being so sensitive, with his pen, not a sword. Something's with this guy. He's taking it too personal. Maybe he had a bad first experience with an emcee or something and so now he's lashing out on everybody else. I swear this cat is the black version of Pee Wee Herman. Just look at him.