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Topic subjectRE: THE REALITY IS...
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Posted by suave_bro, Sat Aug-09-03 06:57 AM
well once again like i said, a throwback negro focusing on THE PAST and noone has taken my dare YET to focus solely on the black community as of august 9th 2003 and when you do, you sidetrack and immediately start talking about "da white man", "da media"...it doesnt matter who u blame, THE BLACK COMMUNITY IS FUCKED UP!! we have AIDS out the ass, no fathers in the home, we spend our money like 8 year olds, our music is repulsive and immoral...these things are FACTS and by simply saying "da white man does it too" solves nothing!!! the reason why we havent fixed our problems is because we are too busy BLAMING folks for our own doings!!! VIACOM isnt making the yin yang twins buckdance for the camera with their gold teeth blinging while degrading the shit out of black women...and much props to the roots, dead prez, badu, jill scott...but guess what, THEY AINT EATEN!! and when i say EATING i mean they should be RICH!!! talib kweli, common, nas they get just as many spins as these other niggas, the bottom line is that black folks wanna hear that ignorant shit, its a hard pill to swallow but its just the truth!!!

bottom line the black community is in the WORST shape its been in EVER!! PERIOD!! and if you honestly think that hip hop music/culture isnt to blame, you are in denial straight up.