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Topic subjectTHE REALITY IS...
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Posted by UniversalXplorer, Sat Aug-09-03 06:38 AM
THE TRUE CULPRITS ARE...The media outlets that consistently put out stories about the negative aspects of a minority of the Hip Hop family.

Our friend has decided to talk about Melle Mel & his lyrics in the message, why not cite Africa Bambatta (the Godfather of Hip Hop) whose Zulu nation that embodies the TRUE principles of HIP HOP and its initiatives in stopping gang violence and teaching 'kids' in the innner city.

Why not talk about the efforts of Artists such as Krs ONE,Common, Talib Kweli and others in educating the youth about their history & current events?

What about the Stop the Violence movement? supported by the creme de la creme of the hip hop community? Remember the self destruction track???? well aight then!

Why not talk about lobbying the media to stop this relentless attack on our ART by criminalizing it within the psyche of the general public.Continuosly putting out stories about which artist was in possession of a firearm OR which tourbus had some marijuana.The funniest thing is that we are NOT THE ONLY people in possession of firearms.Aritsts from other genres of music possess them;politicians have them and this a problem accross the board.However it is easy to criminalize a genre of music by continously focusing on us:

1)because we're black

2)because we're successful

3)because it is a means to reinforce the stereotypes held by mainstream society.

There is a concerted effort to tarnish the image of blacks and that's why they focus on negative stories about us and our culture.I love Hip Hop and was raised listening to it.Through it I've learned more about my people and history than the school system or any other media outlet.It's opened my eyes to many things and given me a worldly perspective on many things.Not to mention an ability for people worldwide to view our plight as a people as well as the oppressive conditions we live in.That's one of the many positive aspects of the 'message' track that you decided to knock.

Anyway HIP HOP is a vibrant culture that encompasses many different beneficial aspects.....I think it's nonsensical to descredit a genre of music based on what is reported in the media or based on a couple of one sided examples.

I respect your right to have an opinion......but personally I aint feelin' what you sayin'


'Reek come into the party with a cape and a cane' REEK GEEZ (The Pros)

'never coming twice in one form'- Reek Geez (Organix)