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Topic subjectI usually like McWhorter's stuff but I wasn't feelin th
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4358, I usually like McWhorter's stuff but I wasn't feelin th
Posted by Lardlad95, Sat Aug-09-03 06:36 AM
That hip hop made them anti-authority bullshit is exactley that,bullshit

Now I'm not saying hip hop has no influence..but I think he takes it too far


"When I'm God, the Bible will be on DVD"

Album Title: The Gospel According 2 Marx

Artists: The Pro-Black Prophets

1. Intro
2. Soul Prophetics
3. The Republic pt. 1
4. The Culture of Make Believe
5. Nickles and Dymes
6. Exodus ft. Bob marley(remix)
7. Kapital
8. The Republic pt. II
9. Conservaliberals
10. Karmalogy
11.Interlude(Matthew, Marx, Luke , and John)
12. Concrete Zu
13. Phenomenology
14. The Republic pt. III
15. Outro (performed by New York Symphony Orchastra)
16. Hidden track: The Gnostic Gospels (Gnostic, ft. Mos Def and Talib Kweli)

Cover art: black and white picture the pro-black prophets in a boat dressed up like Cuban rebels/che guvara smokin cigars, playin spades, holding our guns. Only color, a red fist on a blag flag that the ship is flying

Coming to stores Febuary 2004

The Pro-Black Prophet sends much love to my new nephew Daric born Monday, June 30th, 2003