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Topic subjectthis speaks to our ignorance.
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4354, this speaks to our ignorance.
Posted by suave_bro, Sat Aug-09-03 05:20 AM
ive read both of mcwhorters books, LOSING THE RACE SELF SABATOGE IN BLACK AMERICA, and AUTHENTICALLY BLACK which answers the 1 question that no black person can answer (what is black acting?)...

reading the replies to this message REALLY speaks to the ignorance and immorality of the black community in 2003. when this topic comes up people always say "well rock n roll does it!" or "u dont understand our culture" what is there to understand? and why are BLACK people of all people, comparing our immoral and ignorant behavior to (of all people) WHITE PEOPLE!?!? alot of the things mcwhorter says is hard to swallow but its REAL and we NEED TO HEAR IT. the truth of the matter is that 99% of u all agree with what he said and know that its true, its just the fact that he said it is what pisses u off...

and the references to public enemy are very typical. anytime anyone points out aspects of the black community in 2003 (which u will be hard pressed to find anything positive and productive outside of entertainment and sports), we always make references to THE PAST...public enemy is a part of OUR PAST! talk about the NOW! i dare you.