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4351, Just think ...
Posted by yuckwheat, Fri Aug-08-03 02:05 AM
if so many blacks did not embrace the anti-establishment ethos prevalent in hip hop culture, more of them could be accepted into the beautiful mainstream culture of america, have a job pushing paper or manufacturing widgets or banging away at a keyboard like some well trained monkey for 60% of their life, spend their weekends mowing their 10x10 crabgrass covered plot with an oversized john deere sitdown lawnmover that makes up for their manhood or wandering around aimlessly in a target searching for that gotta-to-have it, need-to-have-it gadget, while their children indulge on crystal meth and are introduced to the delicacies of the east like bukkake through a high speed internet connection in a bedroom chock-full of posters depicting hooligan negroes.