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Topic subjectSo Hip-Hop Elevates Blacks?
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4349, So Hip-Hop Elevates Blacks?
Posted by M2, Thu Aug-07-03 09:51 AM

Or is it benign - neither elevating or holding back - and is merely a form of entertainment?

People mention metal/ozzy osborne/punk rock/etc - sure, just like Hip-Hop those musics are anti-establishment in their own way.

But do people merely listen to it - or do they try to emmulate the music in a cultural fashion that is detrimental to their lives?

I think that's the question to ask when trying to determine if any form of music is truly detrimental.

In my college days, I used to work security at Rock Concerts for extra cash, - some of the people I tossed out of the venues were Redneck Bikers/Drug Dealers/General Miscreants - some of the people I tossed out were Doctors/Teachers/Fathers

I don't think any of them can blame their actions/lifestyles, be they positive or negative on the band they paid to see live.

Can the same be said for Hip-Hop?

That it has absolutely no effect, positive or negative on our nation's youth?

When I ask this question - I'm not talking about Suburban White Kids - I grew up around those kids, went to college with them and live around them now - and they listen to 50 on their way accross the bridge to work on Wall St.

Not worried about them.

I'm wondering about the Black Kids - are Black kids picking up a 50 cent record and deciding they should be gangsters instead of engineers?

If yes - then the author has a point, if no, then he doesn't.

Regardless, that's the question that should really be asked.

As opposed to the bristling at the idea that someone had the nerve to make general statements about Hip-Hop being detrimental to Blacks - as opposed to just dissing say "MC X" and saying he's spreading ignorance/materialism/has too many hootchie girls in his videos, that while you're drooling over them, still find them ignorant - LOL