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Topic subjectI listened to PE too
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4324, I listened to PE too
Posted by M2, Thu Aug-07-03 10:01 AM

But I haven't listened to Hip-Hop on a regular basis since 92' - which if you think about it, coincicdes with PE's Hiatus.

It did nothing for me in terms of changing my life - it was just music I enjoyed.

Thing is - in today's time - there isn't a PE for kids to listen to and (to me) today's kids respect 50 like they do PE.

Remember when MCs got respect for discouraging Drug Sales?

To me Gangsta Rap in the mold of Ice-T is a different Genre than today's Gangsta Rap - Ice-T told cautionary tales, which ended with a simple message "please stop" or "you'll die if you continue"

Today, Ice would probably be mocked for such phrases.

Truth be told - I think McWhorter is an idiot - BUT, it doesn't mean I'll spend any of my hard earned money on present day Hip-Hop ----- other than the Roots and Tribe.

Regardless of whether or not the author is correct - today's kids don't have a PE to listen to.

Even if they did - one PE doesn't redeem an entire genre, nor does it make it beyond reproach with regards to criticism.