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Topic subjectI don't fuck with these young kids today....
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4316, I don't fuck with these young kids today....
Posted by KCPlayer21, Wed Aug-06-03 10:17 AM
at least not in public where I don't know them from Adam. These young kids have no fear at all and have no respect for any kind of authority. You see he said they didn't even respect the security guard. So you think they gonna listen to your civilian ass? Please. You'd be lucky if one of them young punks didn't pull a gun out and shoot your dumb ass just because. These kids are that bold and have no fear. They have the "don't give a fuck" attitude, and if I don't know 'em, I'm for damn sure not gonna try to check 'em, at least not by myself, and at least not without a weapon to counteract anything they little dumb asses might try to react with....

"People make their jokes, and say we're off to see the Wizard
But me and Dorothy and Toto's on yo' ass when you visit"
-Kansas City's own Tech N9ne