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Topic subjectUmm.. the same thing can be said
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4299, Umm.. the same thing can be said
Posted by Quest4Knowledge, Wed Aug-06-03 02:55 AM
for heavy metal/punk/hard rock.

I mean, isn't that form of music as anti-social, anti-establishment and anti-life as "gangsta" hiphop is?

the author of this tried to excuse his/her singling out of hiphop by saying other societal poisons such as the sorpranos don't play a much of a role in peoples lives and the shaping of their identites but the fact is that the Ozzy Osbourne types with songs like "Suicide Solution" do play as much of a role in the lives of impressionable self-detrimental suburban white teenagers as hiphop does. this isn't a "everybody does it" thing because I don't excuse the idiocy in hiphop either. I don't support it in record stores and I turn when I see wack ass or just foolish videos. but this is hiphop shit really IS just a reflection of the larger american society. unfournately (as with every problem) when the country as a whole gets the cold.. we (Black people) get pneumonia.

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