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4289, society's influence...
Posted by iLLoGiCz, Wed Aug-06-03 05:03 PM
>You dont control the clothjes you buy and choose to wear,
>the way you act etc?? Just because people are portrayed a
>certain way in movies/tv shows etc dont mean that its gotta
>be personafied in real life as well....You do have a choice

i agree that we all have a choice, but goddamn man, our choice is far from a free one.. we are SO influenced by every facet of society.. if a certian group of people, say Black People, are portrayed negatively in the media ("the medium by which we're controlled"- mr. lif) then what is the Black population suposed to learn from or follow or imitate or idealize or value? the role models of today's youth are 50 cent and lebron james.. what the fuck are these cats doin for themselves or Black People? they are pawns, controlled by white america, and controlled by society.. they perpetuate white supremacy.. they are models teaching Black Youth to follow the path of rapping about hoes you want to fuck and how many cars you buy in a year and glorifying violent behavior.. they are models teaching Black Youth to play ball all day long, cuz you could have your OWN throwback jersey and a hummer and a mansion or two.. this is what those who control the media teach..

if Black People had a little bit of power, a little bit of autonomy in the industry, maybe the path to follow wouldn't be a dead end.. perhaps it would stress more positive messages such as communal involvement and healthiness.. and freedom and Black History...