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Topic subjectRE: How Hip Hop Holds Back Blacks
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4288, RE: How Hip Hop Holds Back Blacks
Posted by mcdeezjawns, Wed Aug-06-03 05:52 AM
>>What about artist such as the roots,common, de la soul, blackstar? I am tired of idiots like this generalizing a whole form of music simple based on the strength of one part.

I think this article is discussing so called "mainstream " rap mainly....

>>We do not control radio,TV, or any other form of distrubution, black people do not control their own image.

You dont control the clothjes you buy and choose to wear, the way you act etc?? Just because people are portrayed a certain way in movies/tv shows etc dont mean that its gotta be personafied in real life as well....You do have a choice

>>There is a bigger picture no one will admitt and everyone trys to overlook and this guy does a excellent job of overlooking the obvious.

and what it that?