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4266, peace by piece
Posted by cosmicgirl, Thu Aug-28-03 10:59 AM
If an "Absolute Reality" existed in our physical realm, which it most certainly does not and cannot given our physical limitations of human conception, I believe we'd all be there. But truth is truth, and people ARE suffering, so rather than selfishly removing ourselves from the world's troubles, we should recognize that we KNOW people are suffering and adhere to THAT consciousness. Peace

Who said that the Absolute Reality and the physical realm cannot coexist? Cuz in fact they are. I know people are suffering, believe me... but do you really think yelling, pointing, and deferring blame time and time again is gonna get us anywhere as a unit. EVERYONE who woke up this morning woke up for a reason. WE are all on the same plane, and we need to start consciously changing the landscape.

You say, you believe that if an Absolute Reality, did indeed exist, we would all be there. It is available to you anytime you are ready actually. It is just that we as humans have this thing called "Reason" and we often view that as our God, before the Absolute Reality of which I speak.