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4261, from reading the posts
Posted by cosmicgirl, Thu Aug-28-03 11:35 AM
while I was broswing through, they are really disheartening.

There is a difference between desires, wishes, fears, hopes, fantasies, and dreams. In undisciplined and immature people, thesee things all tend to run together, one contaminating the other without any knowledge of how to separate them.

IT is time we start separating our fears from our dreams. The reason that the collective dream is so successful (That of the warrior) is that it has been and is being sold exceptionally effectively by individuals, universities, corporations, societies, and cultures that have absolute faith in it. These concepts are spread 24 hours a day by a media that is completely caught in the dream and doesn't know it.

This board is totally ridiculous, bordering on disgusting. I consider myself an activist, and this boards says nothing of activism to me. Just a bunch of egos trying to out-clever and outwit the next cat.

I was told that the reason this board started and it's actual function are two VERY DIFFERENT THINGS. People should start thinking about that.