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Posted by cosmicgirl, Thu Aug-28-03 10:57 AM
are part of a collective dream field.

This collective dreamfield feeds on beliefs, dramas, human suffering, and human emotions. Without realizing it consciously, people are programmed to feed the nightmare (Called everyday reality) with their own fears and furies.

For instance, a major aspect of the dream is the fact that the Earth is a warrior planet, run and dominated by warrior mentality. The population is made up of seven different role types, with twenty-five percent of the population making up warriors. So they get to decide the game plan overall. Why? Because we are humans and we are experimenting.

BUT reading a lot of the posts, it is definitely time to just change the dream. We all have our own truths based on our experiences, and need to learn to respect and listen a little more. Or just change the dream. I vote for changing the dream.